About the SSM

The Sustainable Systems Method is;

A methodology Individuals and teams can use to

  • Identify new and innovative ways to be sustainable and more efficient
  • Apply to any system big or small “From Factory to Fridge”
  • Learn about systems and design thinking
  • Learn about analysis and conceptual thinking

The Sustainable Systems Method (SSM) is under development by People, Systems and Things

and provides resources to

  • Develop and Share a Public “Sustainable Concept Model”,
    A model that will be developed and fine tuned as the Systems Method is applied in different contexts and industries
  • Provide training and development opportunities to Business, Teams individuals and Community groups to use the “Method”
  • Empower people and staff with a new approach to analysis and Innovation
  • Leverage the sophisticated body of knowledge gleaned from Environmental, Ecological and Systems knowledge to guide sustainable innovation.
  • Grow and enhance the SSM in a lean, reiterative process that captures a knowledge base to support it
  • Eventually we may publish a book on the “Sustainable Systems Method”

A People, Systems and Things Initiative