Business Model

Too few organisations make their Business Model visible, which means possible collaborators and clients have to “guess” how and where the organisation intends to earn a return.

People, Systems and Things (PSaT) is an IT and Sustainability Services Business that seeks to earn a fair reward by providing individuals and organisations, good advice, consulting and effective solutions based on our skills and experience. For more information visit the PSaT Business Model.

The “Sustainable Systems Method” is a specific Initiative of PSaT which seeks to further sustainability practices as a whole with a view to maintaining and improving the “way things work” including the environment, society and the economy.

Once the “Sustainable Systems Method” is mature People, Systems and Things intends to offer, for a fee, training and sustainable consulting services to individuals and teams within organisations who want to promote new and innovative responses to sustainability, efficiency and the way they do business. All along PSaT will make the “Sustainable Concept Model” open source and at a later stage may license the “Sustainable Systems Method” to other providers both commercially and philanthropically.

The “Sustainable Concept Model” will always remain free and can be used by anyone on any system, with the exception of using it to provide a commercial service in competition with the “Sustainable Systems Method” without a license to do so.

We do have additional ideas to provide compelling services at a point in the future based on the “Sustainable Systems Method” which we retain  at present as “Commercial in confidence”, however such services shall not interfere with the above Business Model.

A People, Systems and Things Initiative