The Habitat Project

This project is building an “Ultra Sustainable” Home and venue and will include many Sustainable Features. The Project has been started and largely funded by the Owners of People, Systems and Things and La Source Australia. The Habitat Project website and its related Wiki Site is where you will find more details. Please see below for how “The Habitat Project” relates to the “Sustainable Systems Method”.

The Habitat Project aims to build a community of interested people and organisations and along with providing online resources. There will be plenty of opportunities to join the project on-site, learn, experiment or volunteer. Exciting rewards and opportunities exist for those interested in making there work, home or life more sustainable.

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Using the “Sustainable Systems Method” on the Habitat Project

A major source of systems to which to apply the “Sustainable Systems Method: is The Habitat Project,  The Habitat project will be an opportunity to apply the “Sustainable Systems Method” to the project as a whole, various sub systems and even individual features.

A People, Systems and Things Initiative